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EAGER TO SERVE INC - Individual and Family Soci

Top Reasons To Volunteer​​

  1. Gain Professional Experience - ​ Gaining work experience is a valuable asset when looking for a job. A student out of  college is more likely to land a solid job with work experience and a degree rather than just a college degree.​​ ​
  2. Meet New People -  ​Meeting new people is a great way to propel yourself forward. Regardless of how well you ​     know your craft, or how resourceful and how much education you have, you will need someone to help you along    the way.
  3. Personal Enrichment - "So as I am writing this right now, I was volunteering at Eager To Serve, generally helping with anything from improving the Eager To Serve's website to administrative assistance, and honestly I  have learned many things from this experience. I have learned how to take the bus, how to be more responsible,​  and how to associate with people in a working environment.  Believe me, I know this does not sound like anything,  but for young man who isn't even out of high school and is unsure of what lies ahead, it means a lot knowing I can   do certain things on my own".  Kevin Williams, Age 18
  4.  Earn Community Service Hours -  When applying to colleges, volunteering makes your application more impressive.  It helps establish your personality in your resume. When colleges see that you have volunteered they believe you are a person who cares about other people. 
  5. Improve The Quality of Life For Others​-  Volunteering helps other people in need. For example, at ETS' Country ​   Club Day Camp, we help children by making their lives constructive, fun, and educational during the summer. 
  6. A Chance To Give Back-  Whether you are doing well in life or struggling through it, it is always good to give. ​​When you give, people recognize that, and are ready to help when you need it.


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