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EAGER TO SERVE INC - Individual and Family Soci




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​     Eager To Serve Inc has been serving teenage girls and their children since 2006.  We have  been serving the homeless population since 2011.  These include single women, families with young children, adult families and women fleeing domestic violence situations, here at Sunshine Residence -  "From Homelessness To Healing".   Our program  "From Homelessness To Healing" uses psychological theory and best practices accompanied by comprehensive case management to help people transition out of homelessness.  Improving the whole person(s) socially, physically, intellectually, cognitively, emotionally, spiritually and financially empowers people to remain out of homelessness. 

     Your generous contribution of time and/or money will strengthen families (encourage two parent households) and help client-households become self-reliant and hopefully become productive and  contributing members of society.   Please help more people become contributing members of society by investing in our comprehensive case management services.  Your financial contribution will reduce poverty, crime, the need for low-income housing, stress, mental and physical health outcomes, taxes and will improve economic development and therefore the economy.   One community at a time.  Comprehensive case management which includes therapy and alternative methods to therapy is done on a case-by-case basis.  Each client-household has a unique situation and there is no one size fits all solution to the many issues that result in homelessness.   Our client-centered approach centers around the understanding that each client-household has their individual weaknesses to identify and their own strengths to build upon. Tackling one personal and/or character development attribute at a time improves emotional and social intelligence.  The benefits of personal and/or character development will improve mental and economic outcomes.  Be a part of the solution.  Donate now!  Thank you.